Using Instagram Highlights to help promote your business

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One of the coolest features Instagram has is Highlights. You see, Highlights is a way of archiving Instagram Stories that's viewable right away on a user's profile.

Now normally Stories are viewable for a maximum of 24 hours after which they get deleted automatically. Stories Highlights lets your, well, stories be viewable even after 24 hours so if you have announcements or news and people missed out, they can simply visit your profile to view your Highlights.

If you're hosting an event or something, you can use Highlights to summarise the entire show, and users can visit your profile to recap what happened.

What about you? Have you archived your past Stories as highlights? How would you use Highlights in your business profile?
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  • I also noticed that highlights is a great way of promoring certain event, offers.

    I don't have a IG Profile yet but I have to catch up on it because the possibilities of free traffic on this platform is really great!
    My main issue is that I am net certain yet what kind of content I wanna post...
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    Yes.Hightlights can be used to promote the important events happened thus by making people remember the past events
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  • Hey,
    I agree with your points, Instagram highlights dose help in promotion, you just need to use it in a proper way.
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    Instagram Highlights are your exclusive place for putting up your business's uniqueness without putting much wordiness into what you are advertising.

    It promotes the exciting parts about your product/ business and helps keep up with the current trend of advertising.
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    Yes, I agree with your thought. Instagram really helps in promoting your product or business.
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    That's amazing feature from Instagram!
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    yes, i agree that highlights in instagram is great to catch up any promotions or advertising of events or business or products.
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    Highlights feature of Instagram is very helpful in promoting content or post.
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    I like how a lot of brands are creating highlights that match their company colors to create a very complete profile. Like this one as seen on a desktop browser.

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    If you understand how instagram works in terms of gaining an audience, you can use that to your advantage. You can start promoting your biz in methods that work best!
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  • IG now offering money like youtube, you can opt for sponsor ads on your profile or else do affiliate marketing. Using highlights as the business account is really worthy, and nowadays Instgram is rocking and many compete with youtube and facebook as well.
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    I just made my first highlight! I hope this brings more traffic somehow!

    Personalized hand-stamped items made just for you!

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    I love the highlight feature
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    Those highlights are great for product promotion.
    But putting your image there is not enough.
    I highly recommend you to design nice and clear previews.
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