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Hey guys! I run a 108k comic/ self help tips IG page and have started a new page just for fitness.

I shouted out my new page a few times over the last few weeks and got about 150 followers. Now, I am thinking about going into paid shoutouts next but seeing as I have so few followers I feel like it lacks social proof. I am trying to create everything myself and not use memes/ viral content but I may have to change that focus.

The way I got my other page to 100k was by doing a few tricks and spending a lot of money as I went.
-I bought 2000 fake likes for social proof (ended up screwing my engagement for a long time but did the job)
- I used a auto like/ follower that helped me get to my first 10k followers
-I bought lots of shoutouts that didn't really do much, until one day a influencer contacted me and we arranged a deal. He would help boost my posts with five of his accounts and send me viral pics. I paid him for every 10k followers I hit. This was when I first started understanding the value of going viral. So, once I hit 30k, i went off on my own and found that I didn't really need a boost from him. I could find my own pics and hit hashtags etc.

Now: The problem is that the account is 90% comic book fans and 10% people that like the tips. It just doesn't work the way I wanted.
So, I am trying a fitness account. The problem is I don't know whether I should keep everything original or throw in viral pics to get more followers.

Atm I am just liking and commenting on random posts in the fitness niche to gain followers but it's very slow. I have a shoutout planned for next week but I have a feeling that shoutouts will be a very slow process without going viral on posts.

Do you guys have any ideas? I am going to try get some good shots and videos over xmas of me training etc. But, I don't think they will go viral as I'm not roided out like phil health and Calum Von Moger etc.

Apologize if this sounds like a rant lol
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    As mentioned above, it is much harder to bot ig now, I used to follow/unfollow 700 people a day, now I try not to go over 400 follows a day.
    You need likes so you could try to post viral content and maybe add some fake likes.
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