How We Scaled A Coaching Business To $300,000 Per Month With Youtube Ads

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Hey Warriors!

It's been awhile, but I promised myself that I would come back here and add some value when I can as this was the place where I got my first start nearly a decade ago.

Recently, I hit a new milestone in my agency and helped one client scale his coaching business to $300k per month.

The adspend was around $80k so of course not all profit.

If you're a coach/consultant and using paid ads, especially Youtube, here's a few tips that can help.

Tip #1: Warm The Account.

On a brand spanking new account, your only goal should be to warm up the account by getting conversions. For the first month, scaling or staying within kpi shouldn't be a priority.

After you have at least 100 conversions on the account, that's when you start focusing on staying within kpi's and scaling, constantly decreasing bids by 20% per day until you reach your target.

What hurts a lot of people is impatience.

Tip #2: Remember That Quality/Appearance Matters!

Camera quality is important. I like to make sure all of my clients are recording with 1080p or better, preferably 4k.

First impressions are everything and it'll often determine how far people will go in your funnel.

I've even went as far as asking clients to shave, get a clean cut etc and have ALWAYS noticed an increase in ROI afterwards.

If you want just any ol' results, look and appear any kind of way, but if you want people to take you serious, YOU have to take you serious first.

Tip #3: Use A Minimalistic Approach

What hurts a lot of people with Youtube Ads is they have too much going on in one campaign.

I keep it simple.

One campaign > One Adset (audience) > 3-5 ads per adset.

It's better when you do it this way because you have a chance to see which audience performs the best.

When you start coupling a ton of different audiences, Youtube will automatically allocate your entire budget to the audience giving you the lowest cpl, but sometimes a low cpl doesn't mean a high ROI.

Tip #4: Have A Solid High Ticket Offer

One thing that really helped us to drive this home was the offer itself. If you're going to be selling directly online then typically you want your price point to be $997-$1997.

If the price of your program is $2,000+ then you want to get people on the phone. In both cases, you want to use a "webinar sales funnel". It's one of the fastest ways to turn a lead into a sale within 24 hours.

This client's price-point was $997 and their course sells like hot cakes!

Hopefully this helps and if you guys have any questions don't hesitate to drop them below!
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    Interesting post and thanks for sharing your stats with us. I like High Ticket Offers so might try this myself
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    • Profile picture of the author Jeff Baxter
      You're welcome Dave! I'm glad you liked it!
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      Originally Posted by davehayes View Post

      Interesting post and thanks for sharing your stats with us. I like High Ticket Offers so might try this myself

      yes you should, high-ticket offers are in my opinion the only chance to get great results in marketing nowadays
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    I like minimalistic approach; bold title, bold statement, and people will take action.
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    Thanks for sharing Jeff. Once in a while, a birdie mentions success with Youtube.

    How do you decide which product will work well with which channel ? I have always tried to follow the target audience but not so sure anymore.
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      Originally Posted by akshay7 View Post

      Thanks for sharing Jeff. Once in a while, a birdie mentions success with Youtube.

      How do you decide which product will work well with which channel ? I have always tried to follow the target audience but not so sure anymore.
      Great question. First off, you have to make sure that you're in a niche where youre solving a major life or business problem or else no channel is going to work.

      A general rule of thumb is to stick with health, wealth and relationships.

      Of course you can have great success in other niches as well, but even more success with those top 3.

      Now, as far as which channel will work best, I've only had 1 client in which Facebook Ads worked better and that's because he was helping couples who were "engaged" and since Facebook allows you to have a 'relationship status', it just made more sense to use them to promote his business.

      Other than that, most niches will work with Youtube Ads.

      I hope that helped.
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  • I agree with #4...

    Having a solid high ticket offer almost always improves your chances of growing a sustainable online business. I've seen some webinars selling $3000+ offers. They are generating sales online without using the telephone, to covert the prospects to paying clients. High quality video content is all that's necessary to covert sales, if it's congruent with the high ticket offer.
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    Jeff! Awesome post. Tip #3 is definitely that standout for me. Minimalist.
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  • hi, im new in youtube ,i have like 30 videos know but im lack of subscribers , i tried subxsub and other stuff, right know im telling all my friends and so , but last night i was watching a documental about web searching and Forums and i thought i could be a good idea to tell people about the channel , or someone can tell me which forum is good for this kind of questions ? thanks for the help ... nice TIPS by the way! ill try some
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    Hey Dave great post and congratulations! Do you think high ticket courses are viable in niches other than make money? I agree with you definitely about selling super high ticket over the phone, it's so good to build proper rapport etc. And really interesting about the appearances thing with good quality video etc I like it!
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    Great post Jeff. High ticket almost always turns red campaigns green as just one sale out of a hundred transforms all the campaign's, i.e. The business' metrics.

    What do you find works best with YouTube ads? I get the general best practices when it comes to Adwords in general of having high bids and proving CTR, then reducing them as times goes, but how about targeting? Keywords, audiences, or specific videos - I've always found the third to yield the highest conversions but the least volume, keywords are fine but a lot of rooting out to do, and audiences have been a crapshoot for us.
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