Can you grow your Instagram account with 300-500 people a day?

by bm2
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Can you with follow-unfollow apps, grow your Instagram organically and within the TOS of Instagram grow with 300-500 people a day. Just by following automaticly all of the people that Instagram suggests to you on a daily basis and DM them and so on. Or you can do that just if you are in shoutout groups and things like that. That are more complicated
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    300-500 followers a day is just possible for an aged account with good content and a good amount of followers already.
    I used IGbees mobile app to do follow/unfollow for me (its a genius solution, its a human behavior simulator, when you connect it, it starts working exactly like a human working on your Instagram) and I got 300 followers but in a week. so for new accounts, it's kinda hard to grow that fast with Instagram limits these days.
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    Using follow/unfollow is both beneficial (not that super beneficial though) and risky. Beneficial because you will be able to gain more followers, risky because when they see your posts are not that worth liking. Then they will unfollow you eventually. Maybe in order to retain your followers is to provide content within the boundaries of your followers' preferences. Posting irrelevant content will veer your account at the bottom.
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    I don't think it is possible when you're just starting. But if you have approximately 20X the followers that you're after, you probably can reach organically through follow-un-follow.

    For example, if you want to bring 500 people a day, you need to have at least 10k followers based on my experience. But remember, you need to have a strong presence and content first before you can simply drive traffic from complete strangers. At least, multiple highlights and active stories for people to see real-time engagement. Otherwise, you won't be able to retain that 500 followers that you're getting. Ans this will be a complete waste of your time.
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    No you can't. or you can if you try hard, but in my experience, i lost 2 instagrams, because they stole my pw
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      Originally Posted by altinim View Post

      No you can't. or you can if you try hard, but in my experience, i lost 2 instagrams, because they stole my pw

      Stealing and hacking is 1 thing. I`m talking about the fact of using certain apps that allow you to DM every person and add them all from the suggested person list. I don`t really get why Instagram won`t let you follow 500 new people a day let`s say 100 follow you back, and then you un-follow the 400 people left. And like that, grow your account. Is that against any Policy?
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    if you do manually then you surely can do 300-500 actions a day... but manually.
    Did it recently... takes about 15 mins in total.
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    If you have good content, it's possible.
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