YouTube's top earner eight-year-old?

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Okay so Forbes last week published its annual listing of top-earners on YouTube, with eight year-old Ryan Kaji and his Ryan's World once again top 1.

As you might know, Kaji was also Forbes' top YouTube earner last year. Meanwhile, here are the rest of the list:
  1. Ryan Kaji - $26 million
  2. Dude Perfect - $20 million
  3. Anastasia Radzinskaya - $18 million
  4. Rhett and Link - $17.5 million
  5. Jeffree Star - $17 million
  6. Preston Arsement - $14 million
  7. PewDiePie - $13 million
  8. Markiplier - $13 million
  9. DanTDM - $12 million
  10. Vanoss Gaming - $11.5 million

That is a whole lot of money. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki also noted:

"The number of creators with a million or more subscribers has grown 65% [in 2019], and creators earning five or six figures, annually, has increased more than 40%."
Honestly, that eight year-old earning millions just unboxing new toys? It's something, but is incredibly difficult. I mean, no one becomes a YouTube star overnight. Rome wasn't built in a day. PewDiePie didn't instantly gain 100M subscribers upon signing up.
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