Setting up Instagram as a business

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Hi everyone,

What's the best way to set up an Instagram account for a business?

When I look at the sign up page it says to enter: email, full name, username and password...

So would the email, full name and username be the details of the business or my personal details? e.g. would the full name be: [Business] [Name] or [Mypersonal] [Name]? Would the username be something related to the business name or just my personal name?

Thanks for your patience with these basic questions, it's all new to me
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    Found both helpful links above with a google search for 'set up instagram business' (no quotes)...

    Social media sites have pages of info and often their own forums - to help users get started or promote on their platform. You will find much more accurate info on those sites than on a general marketing least most of the time.
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    There is a separate business app made by Instagram.
    You'll have to download it and follow the instructions to set it up.
    I believe you'll have to fill in the business details to set up a business account.
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    If you would like to do business so I think you should follow Instagram business app. Instagram business app made by all about business though and you should use your business name and information. thank you
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    Thanks everyone.

    What wasn't clear to me is - do you have to create a personal Instagram account first (with your personal info) and THEN convert that to a business account --- or --- can you just create an Instagram account from the start (with just the business info at sign up)?

    Have a great weekend!
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    Yes, these all the fields are important to create a business page although for a simple account. Those are the simple questioning to verify your account. Don't feel hesitated with that, fill the form freely. If still you confused then feel free to ask.
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    Go to Instagram
    Tap on Setting
    Choose Business Account
    And Connect Facebook page
    in last you got Instagram Business page
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    Thanks everyone.

    I was wondering what's usually best to do when your Instragram account/username is fairly long?

    Is it best to just have everything as one word (for example @myverylongbusinessname) or to use periods ( or underscores (@my_very_long_business_name)?

    Obviously shorter is better but when the name is longer what's generally best to do?
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    Download the app. If you've never used Instagram, start by downloading the app
    Create an account. Launch the app, and create an account in one of two ways
    Connect to Facebook
    Complete the profile setup
    Create a new business page
    Edit your profile
    Invite contacts to follow you
    Fill your gallery
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