Instagram growth slows down in 2019

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A report from eMarketer discusses Instagram's user growth rate in the US. So okay, its growth rate reached 6.7% last year, down from 10.1% in 2018.

eMarketer forecasts a further drop in usage, down to 4.5% in 2020 and 3.2% in 2021. The reasons? Snapchat and TikTok.

From what I've observed the past few weeks, ads on my Instagram have been lesser than they've been as marketers focus on the resurgence of Snapchat, and of course TikTok.
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    I'm not surprised as any younger generation tend be early adopters of social media. Think about it this way, when FB got oversaturated, the younger demographic moved away from it to Twitter and Tumblr but then FB and Twitter started creeping into the media and so tweens and teens needed a new outlet so IG but nope FB bought that and it gained appeal so they went to Snapchat and at this point it seems Toktok is where all the "cool kids" hang out. I see many celebs and so forth starting to see potential in this that admittedly I've started finding my niche in there as well and waiting for it to mature which, I predict will be when the platform gets bought out or monetized more. The key I think overall is this is part of the reason for the drop as IG. The good thing is there is some integration in apps like TikTok for sharing to IG and YouTube. Of course YouTube has been tightened up on the rules which is like telling the kids to clean their room. So, all-in-all people ran away to find a new place to express themselves and stand out. Thats just my take on it.

    Ah, I kinda miss the good'ol days when Tom Anderson from Myspace just wanted to be everyones friend and teach people a little basic HTML instead of trying to harvest all my data through Facebook and Instagram like Mark Zuckerberg
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      Originally Posted by kayolhope View Post

      trying to harvest all my data through Facebook and Instagram like Mark Zuckerberg
      I find this an amusing statement considering in the realm of data collection, I would consider Facebook is low on the list compared to the likes of Amazon, or Apple, Or Google. I think its far less than how much they are collecting as it is how easy it is to get them in front of Congress etc without a fight - so the politicians can LOOK like they are doing something - and in truth.. they are accomplishing not a damn thing.
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    Really strange for me to read such, as I see lots of hype about Instagram. But I must agree both Facebook and Instagram are dying slowly.
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      IG could have continued being a great platform but everything FB touches/buys, they try to turn it into another FB and end up ruining what made the platform appealing. For IG for example, they've limited your reach time after time and they force you to engage with FB to place ads and set up a business account.
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    thanks my friend
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    Most of ig userbase is bots trying to get as much content into users' feeds as possible.
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    Instagram are getting harder and harder with spammers and botting becoming more difficult.
    Some people do spam manually to survive the botting hammer thus slow down.
    There are still so so many fake/spamming accounts on IG and FB.
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