Dealing with customer inquiries, etc. on social media DMs and comments

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Social media channels are arguably the main frontline in customer engagement and touchpoint. I have two approaches in dealing with inquiries.

Canned responses

This usually works when you have been dealing with pretty much the same issue (e.g. refund request) historically. The goal with canned responses is to get customer information as quickly as possible. Example:


I'd like to retrieve my password. Can you help?
Thank you.

John Doe


To retrieve your password, simply go to, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Customer Support

Scenario-based responses

And the other - individual scenarios where issues are unique. Oftentimes, this takes time to resolve or close, as for example when Customer A's account has been accessed by an unathorised user.

What other approaches can you share?
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    Canned responses are great but being straightforward with customers via social media channels can be effective as well. For example:

    Hey X, this might be a solution to your problem (outline response that addresses issue here). Then go on to say something along the lines of--Please do keep in mind that Twitter isn't an official support channel and we highly recommend submitting a support ticket through your account or contacting us via live chat in the future. This will help us provide better support and make sure we address any issues/problems or questions you might have.


    Hey X, We'd be happy to help. Twitter isn't an official support channel so if you could log into your account HERE and submit a ticket and/or provide us with your support PIN that would be helpful.

    As much as people (customers) take to social media to (usually) complain about something, you as the company must also learn to set ground rules and/or train the customers to know that if they want a response or support or whatever it may be that they need to do things a certain way.
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