The anatomy of a business Instagram profile

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Instagram is one of the four mandatory social profile (alongside Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) any business should have. You have Facebook to run talk to your customers, you have LinkedIn to network with professionals and potential B2B clients, Twitter to quickly tweet updates, and then there's Instagram which acts as your photo and video stream.

Public profile

What's the point of running a business Instagram profile if it's private, and people will have to send follow requests which then will deter them from following you? Having a public profile ensures that your account will always have visibility regardless if they interact with your account. Having a public profile also increases the shareability of your photos and Stories.

Profile picture

Without a profile picture, people would hardly recognize your brand. And for most business, the usually default profile picture is always the company logo.

Recognisable and searchable Instagram handle

And this is usually simply your business name. Straightforward. As much as possible, avoid using underscores or full stops. Good examples include @coffeedaily and @SEOhacks

Bio that stands out

It could be something hilarious, or something that's straightforward such as describing your nature of business. Using emojis help too.

Regular posts

What's the point of running an Instagram account if you're not sharing anything? Always focus on posting quality content. Don't just post for the sake of posting. You could perhaps upload a graphic of your next webinar, with an actionable link which leads to a landing page.
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