The decreasing appeal of influencer marketing

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There has been a resurgence in influencer marketing, particularly on Instagram where it's pretty common to see some unknown dude endorse a random shirt with that "sponsored" hashtag affixed at the end of the caption. A recent study from Mobile Marketer, however, reveals that influencer engagement is lower than ever.

Saw this coming? Well, because Instagram is now oversaturated with just so many influencers they have become so ubiquitous that people just got tired of seeing sponsored stuff all over their feeds. And there are numbers to back this up - engagement rate fell to 2.4% in Q1 of 2019, down from 4% in 2016.

What do you think? Will this downtrend continue the rest of the year, or will there be an "influencer resurge" later?
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    May continue to drop as more folks abuse it.
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    No. It was simply in vogue and over-esteemed and now it's adjusting itself. It ought to never have arrived at where normal snap offs were making numerous thousands for each post.
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    I've always found the 'influencer' label a bit odd. I understand there are many people willing to do almost anything to either get attention or get money... can see why brand names would be willing to pay to some extent to have their products 'advertised' by those willing to do almost anything.

    I have never understood the mentality of those who 'follow' these people and turn them into 'influencers'. That is the mentality I find disturbing. t's herd mentality - Pied Piper territory.
    And, yes, I am a social media misfit...

    An increasing number of resorts and vacation destinations are refusing to comp 'influencers' - one hotel manager of an island resort told my family "these people calling themselves 'influencers' are a bunch of freeloaders".

    Time for the next new shiny social media 'thing'...
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog.
    This period in history may be known as the dumb ages.
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    No i think influence marketing is still in demand
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    People building their Instagram accounts in hopes of getting sponsors and this has led these influencers to stoop down on many levels. I read this report/blog a year ago in which it stated that there are people doing "hoax" sponsored posts, so that they can get other brands' attention towards themselves. Also, the content quality has went down as well. There's now only type of content that I see on Instagram and it is really pictures on cool places. All of these influencers have pictures of themselves on cool places, doing fine-dining and whatnot. Almost as if one would want their vacation to be. In all of this, content went down the hill and those who actually are creating content got neglected, only some of them made through the clutter of exotic lifestyle. Hopefully, the masses get behind people who are actually creating content.
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    I think the drop in influencer marketing on IG is temporary. We are all influenced in one way or the other by more successful people, whether they are movie personalities, sports stars, or social media icons. The correction taking place on IG is that sponsoring companies are becoming more discerning in how they spend their dollars. Going forward, real influencers will continue to attract sponsorship while fake influencers(those who offer little value via their content) will have fewer and fewer people willing to sponsor them.
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