Five platforms to upload your videos on

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Video is arguably the top way to attract social media attention, and in 2017 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sums it up, "I see video as a megatrend."

Agree? Here are the top platforms to upload your videos.


With over 100 million hours of video watched every day, it's a no-brainer. You have a massive and diverse audience at your disposal, and it's totally up to you how you reach your preferred niche. Is your video something about cooking? Sports? Tech? A tutorial video about raster graphics? Or are you simply looking for viral clout looking for that quick million-view threshold?


It's still the video platform of choice with more than a billion hours of content watched. Like Facebook, you have a massive and diverse audience at your disposal, but the tricky part is getting your video to the correct viewer.


Videos don't necessarily correlate with Twitter, but the microblogging site released a saying that video tweets are six times more likely to be retweeted than photo tweets. More retweets mean more reach. And Twitter just has this personal and unique environment, so unlike Facebook and YouTube, videos uploaded on Twitter have a higher chance of getting watched. And I, personally, have tons of bookmarked videos tackling different interests (mostly sports and music) which are saved on my list.


Instagram and Facebook are like Robin and Batman. You can run a Facebook page on its own accord, but for your Instagram page to become more effective you need a Facebook page. It's also an alternative to a messy and often-crowded Facebook newsfeed. You can upload on IGTV if you feel like you need more than 30 seconds, or simply upload to Stories for quicker and faster audience access.


While Snapchat lost some of its flair and appeal when Instagram Stories overtook the former, Snapchat can work wonders especially when your market falls between the ages of 12-34. Plus, you can create a sponsored lens which your audience can use, at the same time increasing brand awareness.
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    Thanks for the list....

    Anyone using video creation software or services>

    Chime in if you have video creator or service that works well. Thanks
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  • Hi there just came across "Warrior Forum" today. I mostly agree with this thread. I've owned a Video Asset Agency in Seattle, Wa / San Fransisco, Ca for 8 years now. We've seen an incredible spike in video marketing awareness and prospect inquiry for video assets since 2017. With the millineal generation now dominating social platforms and using video to do it, we've found that the best way to remain competitive is too hire a professional video agency to create content for you that can develop an impactful video asset strategy for you. Attention spans diminish yearly and I believe are at around 8-15 seconds now, so the implementation of branded eyecatching intro bumpers are extremely important to distinguish your content from the sea of mostly 'homemade' content out there. If you're a business utilizing video, keep in mind when developing your multi-platform video strategies:

    Facebook - video cpc campaigns will attract the 45-65 year old demographic. So create video assets that will appear to this age bracket.

    Instagram - video paid promotions (stories/feeds) will be seen by the 25 - 40 year old demographic. So create video assets that will appear to this age bracket.

    And our new personal favorite:

    Tik Tok - engagement rates are through the roof 10x-20x moreso that the above mentioned platforms! This will be the 13 - 20 year old demographic. So let your creative juices flow here and creat fun engaging content that is outside the box. Test and monotize. The audience here will be your new consumer in the coming years so get in front of them sooner rather than later.

    LinkedIn- is a great place to post Business Related Video Assets as there is still a huge lack of video content on this platform and you don't need a large following to be noticed. Consistency is key here and in no time you will build some amazing relationships.

    Hope you all find some value here and if you have any questions about the power of Video or how to utilize it for your business or brand. Please reach out!

    David Pfahlert
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    thanks for the list, currently I use only youtube and I think youtube is the best out of all the other platforms mentioned above. Any thoughts about Instagram videos for business promotions?
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    • For services: Instagram is definitely an "Offensive" video platform IMO. We have seen the most conversion utilizing IG as a step in the sales funnel. Capturing prospects with 45sec-1min videos and funneling them over to our landing page to further explain our services through their provided CTA buttons. For Products: Now if youre selling a product I know IG can be used as a 1 step purchase platform based on the audiences existing knowledge of the product or how compelling your ad is.
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    Very interesting text.
    After reading it, it´s evident the growth that TikTok has been experiencing for a while and the stagnant YouTube is, causing many users to opt for other digital platforms due to the various problems it has.
    Anyone else to share my opinion?
    I read you!
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  • Profile picture of the author Crack King is a pretty good platform with cool features to monetize videos
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    I never use snapchat so will give a try
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    Thanks for this list of plataforms.
    I am a marketing student an my colleagues hace created a company, in which we have added 4 of these plataforms except for Snapchat. Would it be a good option to add it?
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      I think it would be good if you also used it, but I think the most important are the others. Regards
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    All that social media platforms are good to upload a video. Thanks for the list.
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    I think most of the platforms mentioned here are really very helpful in video marketing for your brand. However, below are my choice for the best video uploading platforms.

    1. Youtube
    2. Vimeo
    3. TikTok
    4. Facebook
    5. Daily Motion

    I think this information can be helpful.
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    Snapchat is not like other social media. So, can anyone share some idea to utilize it?
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    These are all quite popular indeed! Do you recommend any video editing software to help my videos appear a little more appealing?
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