Influencer marketing agency reveals how much brands pay for sponsored content

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TalentX, an agency which manages 32 influencers across four socmed platforms, reveals that they charge brands anywhere from $0.01 to $0.02 for each sponsored video view on TikTok.

Meanwhile, brands on YouTube are charged higher at $0.03-$0.08 per view. Ever wonder why TikTok is charged less? Well, it's reported that brands are charged less on TikTok because content is easier to scale. That lower charge means influencers can make TikTok a key focus area, especially for new influencers who are looking for new opportunities to become more popular, but more importantly earn revenue.

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    The price paid by brands on YouTube is higher than in Tic Tok. Could it be due to the large number of users and the fame of this platform?
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      Hi Andrea Perez. Of course, the good is always better paid!
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      No, its stated above also. It's because in Tic Tok content is easier to scale, that's why charges are lesser . But very soon Tic Tok is going to be the number 1 source even with better visibility than Instagram.
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    How much influence are reporting platforms like Hypeauditor having?
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