Thoughts on tagging brands on Instagram posts even if that post isn't sponsored in any way?

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I've seen people (non-verified, non-celebrity accounts) do this - they upload a photo of themselves wearing designer clothing, then they tag the brand (e.g. Nike, Lacoste) of whatever they're wearing, plus a ton of hashtags at the end.

Question is - do these brands care in any way? What's the point of tagging a brand if you're not paid for using their product/service at all?
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    The main intention seems to be getting the brand name companies' attention, in order to get a sponsorship.
    It's not a bad tactic, but if they feel or find a clue someone is dishonest or not really a superfan, then such companies are likely to pass. Otherwise, they should look into possibly trying products out by contacting PR directly with a suitable letter of request, doing a bunch of reviews, and work on other appealing topics in their content marketing.
    A niche is one thing, but making it different, innovative, and interesting for many (or even a specific target market) seems the way to go.
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    There is no point in doing free marketing of these brands but it's not worthless for the person doing marketing of that brand too. They get people's attention more when they tag a brand with their photo. People don't verify every time if that person is a brand ambassador of that brand or not. So, in this case, the person doing this starts building a follower base. After sometime when they reached a good healthy amount of followers they contact that brand and other brands to make paid promotions for them. Brands always like to hire people with great fan and follower base to marketing their products so, most of the time brands hire those people for paid marketing as they are already connected to marketing of their brands freely.
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