Popular live mobile game HQ Trivia is shutting down

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Mobile Marketer reports that HQ Trivia, the popular live mobile trivia game, has shut down last week after its investors pulled financial support from the app.

For those in the know, HQ Trivia is a live trivia game where a host asks a series of increasingly difficult multiple-choice questions. A prize pool is split between the winners. Its closure axes a 2.5-year history for an app which demonstrated the possibility of how live mobile video content can engage audience and attract big advertisers. For one, Nike and Warner Bros. were some of the biggest names to promote on HQ Trivia.

During its heyday, HQ Trivia had more a million viewers but struggled with viewership because of the limits of maintain an audience with sponsored content. This shows that this form of live video streaming might just be another mobile fad, however marketers and content creators shouldn't ignore its potential.

I used to play HQ Trivia and won about $10 but couldn't cash out because back then it had a minimum cash-out requirement of $20. It's a bummer seeing HQ Trivia go away, as it was an attractive medium for advertisers to have their content sponsored on a still-nascent concept - live video content and mobile game.

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