TED Talk: What makes something go viral?

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BuzzFeed publisher Dao Nguyen talks about how media spreads online, and the technology and data that publishers can use to understand why.

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    Such amazing presentation. Humor or something shocking makes a video go viral.
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    I have enjoyed watching this video, it's funny how things turn to be viral without even knowing that it will.
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    Will i be able to get more subscribers
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    The message of the presentation is rife knowledge among content creators and just the tip of the iceberg. Click-baiting content isn't good content, this is just a path towards good publicity and without real meat to back it up. Once the audience catches up you are at risk of losing it.
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    Ted Talks that are inspiring, motivational, unique, or something that adds shock value. Click baits aren't good, Ted Talks normally follow a story. A good story sends a clear message or something you can learn from, or it could be just something that's unlike anything you've heard of before. Most Ted Talks I enjoy are new creative initiatives that tackle main societal problems in a unique and effective way.
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    Thanks for sharing this TedTalk, I really enjoyed watching it!
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    We're really proud of her. It's great to see a person from my hometown presenting in TED Talk.
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    I really liked the presentation! Good job!
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    nice video i like it...
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