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Hi all, new to Insta. Have an account that I think is doing okay. 500 organic followers in 2 months.

Something I'm confused by is my post reach. I'm getting small reach in some of my most engaged posts in terms of likes and comments and huge reach on posts thst haven't done as well.

Any idea why?

Also how important is it to mix up hashtags and not use the same ones everytime and is using all 30 hashtags seen as spam?

Any advice from the veterans would be v welcomed!
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    do not really understand
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    Always use "#" which is related to your pic. And as from new Instagram algorithm update now your user engagement is only till 10% of your total followers.
    It means Instagram allows your pic to display to 10% of your total followers and if these people like or engaged to your pic then it will show to your next followers.
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    Excellent question as Instagram nowadays influence really all the businesses BUT i confirm sk9893461 answer and i will mention that what can influence the reach and interaction volume are those factors i think:
    - under 5000 organic followers ( insta robot act less positively)
    - yes, surely instagram limits the reach of your post to 10% like Facebook do it for only 5%
    - some say limiting the hashtags used to 11 have an optimal effect
    - having a push from your owen community interaction will powerup your post reach from the start, so work on your followers interaction.
    - select ofcourse relevant hashtags but consider the most they are popular the most there is competition and your post will drop down quickly ESPECIALLY if your post hasn't got enough interaction from your inner/own community,
    - manage to get enough folowers related and interested to your business or from the locations targetted
    - invest on the visual wow effect of your posts,

    Good cheers,
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    speed of engagement
    recency of post

    rotation hashtags

    help to increase your exposure
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