What to say to LinkedIn prospects?

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My aim is building an IM mailing-list, for promoting online-business webinars by experts (the first of which I already have set up).

I have come across a system which will find email addresses of LinkedIn members, according to various filters, and also limited to members of a specific Group. I get 100 free emails per month.

I am wondering what I should say in an email to those LinkedIn members?

1) I have, on my own website, a detailed article about starting an online business, with some opt-in forms in relevant places and my FaceBook Group to join.

2) I have the email swipes for the initial webinar, which include phrases like "the easiest way to get rich online in 2020", which is what I send to my list members.

3) or should I invite them to join a LinkedIn Group I could create, entitled "how to start an online business" or something like that, and then tell them about the free training webinars (and other reasons to opt-in) from that group?

Which is likely to get the best results, or do you suggest something other than those options?


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