Are facebook pages useless?

by dodif
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I have a facebook page with 50k fans that I created 8 years ago. the page is basically about nothing and I used to share there funny and inspiring pictures.
The exposure of the page today is very low, and i cant really understand if it's useless to try to recover it.
What do you think? Are un-updated pages uselss? Or they can get viral again somehow?

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    Facebook is a social media platform and the pages created on social media needs to be updated every once in a while to keep it viral, once you stop posting anything you will start losing followers and the platforms like these stop showing your posts in the feed due to which the exposure of your page tends to get low overtime.
    I think you can recover your page by being active again and by posting regularly and yes, un-updated pages are useless. They can get viral again only if you get active on that page again.
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    Hello sir,
    I am new this forum site.
    I have a facebook page. 22k likes and 40k follows. just 1 year ago open this page. I just create video.
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    Of course they are not useless. You just need to know how to use them in their best.
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    I don't know how you can monetise a social media page about nothing. I think that you have a collection of people that are all different from each other.

    From my experience, pages that you stop working on don't become viral some day.
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    Facebook has become quit old-fashioned for marketing in my point of view, but that is definitely not useless.
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    I don't think their useless. I personally take a group and base it around a certain niche then drive that traffic to my page. A group is a great place to build a authentic relationship with your audience by letting them post as well.

    Now that they've been filled with a lot of info they have no clue what the hell to do with it. So that's when you drive them to the page that has an answer to their questions. Offer them a service or product and now you've got a nice little flow of generating and closing leads organically.

    I hope this cleared up any doubts

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    yes you can get viral with it again but if you want to monetize it you need a good idea of how to do that
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  • I was under the impression that Facebook significantly dialed back the reach of unpaid Facebook Page posts a long time ago, like so much so that they get almost zero views compared to what they used to get. I don't member the last time I saw a post from a Page that wasn't a paid ad.

    Groups are now center stage for organic reach. Maybe think of a way to salvage some of your page followers by siphoning them over into a group.
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    I believe it is useless and that you should not even try. If I were you, I would just sell it before the price gets too low.
    Author of Heptagrama. PM for my SEO service offer.
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