Is social media becoming oversaturated?

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Almost every marketer has social media as its central strategy for pretty much everything else - landing page, customer channel, advertising platform, ecommerce and marketplace.

That with everyone practically creating a new account whenever they start a business - you're pretty much adding up to the oversaturated socmed populace. Is it becoming overcrowded?

Chime in.
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  • I wouldn't know. Haven't had a social media account in years. It's certainly not needed.

    Over saturation is a great opportunity for marketers to differentiate.
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  • It feels like it is nowadays. A lot of the messages that I receive on a daily basis (on FB, Linkedin) are some sort of sales pitch. Also, a lot of groups on FB are filled with spam posts.
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    With more than a million people coming online for the first time EVERY DAY it's doubtful that social media or any other area of the internet will "over saturate".

    I believe that the feeling of saturation is common among those who operate within a strict confine of a particular niche.

    When this is the case, the numbers of new users and ideas that often flood in to a void can lead one to the conclusion that any space including social media is becoming saturated.

    Hundreds of thousands of people have come online for the first time in just in the space of time it has taken me to write this response.

    The only thing that is likely to become saturate are the capacity of servers to accommodate them all but in which case, more will be built.
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    I believe that it is... I used to post ads in only 10-15 groups and get 100's of responses...

    Now.. it's the opposite.
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      I believe that the method you are using may be saturated but the market definitely is not. If I'm wrong about that then why are advertising revenues on a general uptick in the overall marketplace? More people come online each day than you can ever hope to serve, however, the market has changed. If you don't change with the market by adapting your methods to reach it, you can not expect to prosper.
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    I agree with what some above already said. Only the strategys which once worked are not working anymore today because there are too many people doing similar things.

    The best way to still use social media successfully is by beeing unique , not spammy and someone people can like and trust
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    Well honestly, NO.

    There's a simple reason why you feel it's over saturated: too many people focusing on selling without providing value.

    When I first started on facebook, I joined a few fan pages and groups within the niche. Results? Dozens of people would spam me with their links on messenger. No connecting, no "Hi nice to meet, how are you? what do you work on? etc...", no interacting, just spamming links here and there hoping to make a buck or two.

    Guess what. These people have a very little future.

    Social media is changing a lot, algorithms are changing, the way you do marketing is changing. It's all coming to a point where you have many resources, but a lot of competition too.

    My strategy is to provide value BEFOREHAND. No matter what.

    If for example, I would want to start an Instagram Page, I would want to post as much valuable content as possible daily related to that niche ( Post 2-3 times daily), engage with my new followers, engage with my other competitors, understand what are their needs and IF there's any hole in the industry I could cover.

    Believe me, having less but engaging followers is far more important that just building 10k or 100k followers but little to no engagement.

    I agree that there are niches which are more saturated than other. But the solutions comes back to what I mentioned first. VALUE > SELLING.

    Build your brand on trust, when you provide so much value people will almost feel sorry for not checking out what you have to offer ( It's called humanity and it still works if you wonder).

    Last but not least. Ask yourself how long do you want to run? Do you think being authentic is a dote people are missing on social media? How can you be as natural as possible and be unique in your niche? How can you surprise your audience?

    Hope it helps
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      Great commento bro, you have absolutely right. Social Media Space is not saturated, you just have to be aware of the best strategies.

      You're right, there are many people making noise. To be successful in SMM you must know how to differentiate yourself and deliver all that value to your audience

      I recommend you look for a specific niche, investigate very well what is their biggest problem, provide solutions and I guarantee you, you will be the master in that space
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      I agree with you: you have to think of the people you are serving - you are serving them, they are not ATMs for you to suck money out of. If they can see that you are helping them, they will look for ways to help you too, they will want to do business with you.
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    Social media is only saturated and won't benefit you if you do the traditional social media promoting. You have to think outside the box to reap the real benefits
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    Social Media is the best platform for promotion. It all depends on how you utilize this platform.

    According to me, it is also the best medium to reach a reliable customer.
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    Social Media is a platform which is being used by everyone every time. It has become an important part of our lives and it has a great impact on us. But still, it is not an answer to everything, it provides us information on almost every query we have but even though not to everything. t's growing. But it's growing in a new direction. The shift from accumulation to instant sharing has driven mobile-based, instant share networks to the forefront, while accumulation platforms have for the most part slowed their growth.
    NO social media is not becoming oversaturated, it can never become oversaturated.
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    Social media is not even close to becoming "oversaturated". There is an increasing amount of influx of marketing amateurs with their nonsense and spam, but much of it is blocked or ignored.

    By contributing value before promotion , there is a huge benefit for establishing a long term presence on social media platforms.

    Staying in "top of mind" of your targeted audiences by offering value is an extremely formidable position, especially within hotly competitive markets.
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  • People are smart, they always like and wish to look new creative content on the social media, more creative more it will attract online visitors... So go with Creative concepts.
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    Yes, totally saturated.
    Not because we grow overcrowded but sales pitch voices have made so much noise.
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    I agree with you. Social Media is becoming oversaturated and crowded. With almost every business creating their account on social media it is becoming overcrowded.
    But at the same time, social media is also the best platform to connect with people and build relationships as a huge number of people today are active on social platforms. So to utilize the benefit of social media you really need to come up with unique strategies and focus on building a very good relationship with people rather than focusing on traffic through posting spammy links and contents.
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    Every body is coming to know how effective it is to use social media for marketing so it is normal that it is getting fuller and fuller each day.
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    I think in some niches it definitely is. Take Brisbane in australia for example. You can't turn on your feed without seeing some variation of a solar power advertisement. Installs galore! But then other niches seem to be killing it, like Financial Advisors, I've only seen a few of them and they are great clients to go after as a social media marketer in my case.
    What are your thoughts?
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    Yes it is and on very big level absolutely and entirely anyway, so many bullshit content located in social media networks that I can't even describe this absolutely and possibly. How else we could get that? Something needs to be cleaned off from FB, Twitter and etc.
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    With billions of traffic, a portion of this traffic can become leads and customers.

    Oversaturate ? No.

    Lot of competition ? I would have to say yes.

    Can you differenciate yourself and your business to solve somebody's problem ? That's the only question you need to ask yourself.
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    Social media is an important part of our lives. Most of us rely on it to receive and relay all sorts of information. But lately it feels like there's a bit of a social media bubble.
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    Social Media is one of the most effective way to Promote or Market your Band, Product or Service. It is much cheaper than other Marketing Strategies and the most effective than any other strategies.
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    Social media is rapidly starting to reach over-saturation. It can help amplify an existing communication strategy for commerce, policy advancement or message shaping. But it should be viewed as a means to an end, not as an end in itself.
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    Inefficient. Bomarding people with agresive ads and pop ups. Social media does not work for trades or services. It can provide great results for online shops but the competition is crazy
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    Social media is one of the most effective platforms to reach maximum users with minimum effort. Social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc, can promote your business to every corner of the world within no time.
    According to "Statista", the global number of Facebook users is expected to reach 1.69 billion in the year 2020. This makes Facebook one of the largest platforms for advertising. You can easily create an Ad for your business and increase your sales.
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    Well, you are not wrong. In the past social media was just social media. We used it for social purposes bu in the net. After a while businesses developed and decided to move online. Now we see ads almost everywhere. Not only the activities of social media are tooo many but the people in it are also large in number. There are a lot ofpeople that want to oin for teh very same reason as you but it does not mean that you should not because you think that it is overcrowded. Markets are usually overcrowded but you do not see people complaining or not starting their new businesses there. It is a matter of what you have to offer to the people also.
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  • Not at all. Plenty more to come.
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    Not every social media platform works for all businesses, so you can focus on the ones that work for you. As long as people still use these platforms, we can advertise on them.

    The way I see it, saturation only means abundance. You just have to stand out from the crowd!
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    I feel like it is. I remember the days where people would just post random photos and the feeds were full of it as it was such a new exciting platform. Now, with sponsors out, business pages, stories, shopping etc, its become extremely business focused. Even those of higher followers (celebs or influencers) will do brand deals or market their own products. I find it difficult when working on our social media page as there are so many other companies trying to achieve the same as us. It is very overcrowded but I also love using social media to find new products. Its really tricky I think, everyone is trying to get growth on social media, its a constant competition. However, I do use some of my favourite brands on social and love it.
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    It may seem so with older platforms, like Facebook or Twitter. New stuff like TikTok is emerging constantly, and the business would migrate there in my opinion. To be honest, Facebook already feels like an old forum that had lost its moderators and is now drowning in links to porn and pirated movies.
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    If we look at social media as a place with common things everyone is doing then it can be called overcrowded, but If we talk about new things, uniqueness and different ideas then there are a lot of areas waiting to be explored for which social media is surely not overcrowded.
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