Follow/ Unfollow BOTS that STILL WORK (in march 2020)

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Hi, looking for real user experience with bots that REALLY WORK, now. Instagram shut down on many recently, as far as I know, so it is necessary to ask for your experience. For me it is important to get much follower, so I am looking for bots which can help me with that. So I have a few questions:

1. Now, in march 2020, what do you think which social media platform is best to build followers fast (without extremly much effort)? Still Instagram, as it was earlier (as far as I know), bevor they shut down on bots?
2. Which bots (for getting more follower) (not necessarily for instagram) do you know for sure that are working right now? Preferably well established bots who have a good reputation (that means not stealing your account and really deliver what they promise).
3. Are there other good ways to get many followers on social media fast (not necessarily on instagram) (without working many hours a day for it) which are working now, in march 2020?

Thank you very much
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