Twitter shows examples of good brand communication amidst the pandemic

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In the middle of a global pandemic, it's imperative that brands demonstrate good communication to avoid confusion and misinformation. And Twitter compiled a listing of brands which showed effective, positive, and responsible communication amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few examples:

National Geographic
The eponymous scientific and non-fiction magazine and TV channel shared access to relevant resources and coverage about the coronavirus.

This particular beer put the pandemic into a different and positive perspective, despite celebrating St. Patrick's Day differently than previous years.

The restaurant chain engaged with remote-working employees via Zoom.

No Name
The generic grocery brand offered advice on proper handwashing.

You can view the full compilation here.
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    And then there are those trying to hard sell their products and services using corona virus and COVID-19. Brands can still make an impact if they can only forget the part of selling each and every time e.g. Dettol's TikTok Handwash challenge got nearly 9 billion views (source: Adage). You can still make an impact, you just have to quit the part of selling, especially in times like these.
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    I'm happy that during this hard time people are getting together, brands are becoming more socially responsible and everyone is trying to help each other. Kudos to them!
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    This proves the ability to adapt and develop even in times of global difficulties.
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    Brands realise that help and advice is more important at this time,when thousands of people are losing their lives to this virus.
    Stay safe...
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    Building brand "loyalty" off other people's suffering and fear is not a new concept.

    And who the f \/ck needs to be told how to wash their hands besides small children??

    I'm off to set up my coward virus special/discount/sale. Must show my awesome compassion...
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