Isn't it too late to join the social media marketing?

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I am not sure this will be right time to start with social media marketing, I usually use blog posts and building links than using time to promote them on social networks or building fan pages on Facebook, Linkedin..etc. Isn't it too late to join the social media marketing? and social networks are still more effective at this time?
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    Social media has evolved into a very powerful marketing tool. Industry reports indicate social media has a global penetration of 42%, so there certainly is room for upside growth.

    However, you need to have a significant established online or offline presence, because people will want to look you up. Be prepared to post massive content regularly to get any traction.
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  • Social Media has certainly evolved and people often look for any business online presence before purchasing or hiring services. I often do that too. It's never too late to join the social media marketing but be prepared for some hardcore work cause on social media its all about how responsive you are and to build an online presence, you need to show how actively involved you are. You definelty don't want anyone of your potential client to leave a reivew or comment about "how unresponsivr you are". So, give it a shot, its definitely worth it.
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    I always believe, It's better late then never!

    Facebook is still one of the most popular social media! And LinkedIn is for professional network building.

    Just start creating valuable contents for your audience and build a strong community. It will help your business in many ways for sure.
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  • You're still on time to ride on the wave !!!

    Get on it. I believe both online and offline presence are important ! You can't market successfully if you are only offline. You can't hit certain markets or audience if you are totally online. You need the both to make things work !
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    I don't think that it's ever too late to join social media marketing, you can always get some benefit out of it. You just need to determine what is your audience, because people of different ages tend to use different social media platforms more.
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    Its never to late to get into social media. Linkedin was the first platform, back in 2002 and there has been continuous growth since then, with other platforms, so even if you are just starting out, then you can grab your market share, because people buy people and their content.

    Read the reviews on list building & blog promotion, so you save time & money

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    It is never late to join social media marking. Maybe the popularity of the platforms would change, but newer ones would replace it. You just need to update your social media marketing strategy.
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