Growing Your YouTube Channel...Any Hacks, Tips?

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Hey internet marketers,

I launched recently my YouTube channel (1 month ago) and so far it is growing very slowly.

I make daily videos which on average are 7 minutes.

I believe that I do this properly:

Keyword rich description
Great thumbnails to increase CTR
Pinned comment on each video.
Video effect which calls to subscribe to the channel
Voice alert to subscribe to channel
Engagement with all comments which gets posted

At the moment stats are like this:
98 hours watched
120 subscribers gained in 1 month
6.3% CTR
1.8k total video views

Wondering what are some nice hacks / tips to help grow channel faster...
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    Promote on other social-media . . . such as relevant FB Groups (and/or create your own Group), Pinterest (where you can now upload video directly) and other social-media.

    Make sure there is plenty of text content in the description of each video, so that helps Google know what it's about.

    And do SEO actions, such as getting back-links from relevant DA20+ sites such as related blogs (blog commenting is easy to do), etc.

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    It has been my experience when I add a city to the end of my title I get better local ranking and over time I rank wherever for the keyword. Also, do your keyword research. Don't go for the home run. Go after less competitive keywords and build from there.
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    This its very good ,my advice its to post daily and not stop at all even if its 1 year .And dont forget to deliver as much value as you can ,your stats are very good so far . The hardest thing with youtube itys to work consistently even if its paintful .If you dont give up and work constantly you will see a huge rise in that curb stats in one day
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    I market in some of the most hotly competitive niches. None of my YouTube videos have ever come up in the rankings, yet I do get rapid growth and views from massive online/offline promotions.

    A huge and very common mistake that "YouTube marketers" make is they are focusing most of their efforts on YouTube itself (although Google loves it), instead of building their own brand.

    The battle for attention is fierce, and those who are successful are using multiple points of contact, of which YouTube actually plays a minor part.

    For example, I embed all my videos on my websites, then promote my websites through what many marketers may consider "old school" - syndicated articles in online/offline publications, emailing to subsribers, postal mail, telemarketing, classified ads, etc.

    The classic offline promotion methods, in addition to modern online best practices, is a formidable combination. When these tools are used congruently across all relevant platforms, you can be a top contender in any market.

    "It's ok to be a copy cat as long as you copy from the right cat."
    - Les Brown
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    Your thumbnail is so important. The fonts, styles, colors, layouts and color themes will make you stand out.

    Make sure your thumbnail 100% UNIQUE
    and a clear representation of your product or service.
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    I go with @Chris. You should need to promote your channel to other social media platform.
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    I think your stats are not that bad after just doing it only a month. Just keep doing it and you will grow more and more
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