Instagram Brand Kickstart - What's the best way ?

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Hi guys, I have recently launched an ecommerce store

It consists of 6 different products which are all customizable leather accessories. I have sourced the products, created an ecommerce store. I spent quite some time on getting it all pretty good looking and fully functioning.

Now it's time to try get some sales. Unfortunately my budget for advertising and marketing is very minimal at the moment which is not ideal but i will invest money into it once i get hold of it. For now i would like to grow with minimal investment and learn things without wasting much money.

On instagram i have gather around 20 posts of decent content, page has less than 50 followers. My approach is to launch a sponsored giveaway by boosting a post on IG in order to gain followers and social proof.

My rough calculations are if i ran a 7 day campaign at $10 per day it would reach roughly 10,000-20,000 users, taken optimistically 10% take part it should gain me roughly 600-1000 followers.

For the giveaway i would plan to giveaway a set of accessories of quite a big value as a kickstart.

Then after the giveaway i would try UPSELL those acquired followers through story advertising by offering discounts or bundle offers.

> Rinse and repeat till i get bigger social proof roughly 10,000.

> In the meantime once the follower base is growing i can reach out to influencers to promote products. I think it would be pointless to reach out at a zero followers stage and also a good follower with roughly 100k-150k will be much more costly than Rinse and Repeat system of giveaways.

In my opinion running product FB/IG ads to sell products at my stage is not worth it yet, i wont benefit from sales, i wont gain followers because the budget just isnt there right now.

Please can someone correct me if i'm wrong or how else they would take this approach.

I also believe that during corona times ads for a brand with no proof is a waste of money, as well as people will less likely purchase products but i can use this time to produce content and grow social proof to then try upsell products .
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    Consider a co-branded give-away to boost results . . .

    you find some partners with related but non-competing products. Each partner adds their own products to the give-away, and each partner promotes the contest to their own followers (and email list etc.).

    You, as the organiser, don't need to have a big following to start, because you are doing all the work of implementing the contest (make sure you follow all relevant rules).

    The more partners you get, the more the contest is promoted, and it's a bigger win/win for everyone involved. And the bigger the prize package, the more actions participants are willing to do . . . encourage them to Like, Share etc. on different social-media, comment on social-media and on the contest web-page etc. to help it "go viral".

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