TikTok sees usage rate spike amidst global lockdown

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As we help flatten the curve by staying at home, people do all sorts of stuff to help ease the boredom. Us knowledge workers are business as usual, working remotely and still meeting with our teams virtually as if we never left the office. Some others have signed up to the new kid on the block - TikTok.

And so according to Music Business Worldwide, the China-based video app saw an 18% surge in downloads, and was downloaded 2 million times between March 16 and 22 which coincided with key regions imposing community quarantines and lockdowns to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

People are practically stuck indoors, and while others have Netflix subscriptions, still many others don't so they signed up to the social phenom to try short-form videos and take the world by storm. In fact, my Facebook and Twitter feeds are all bombarded with TikTok content that I muted anyone who uploads such (I need to see key news and updates, not someone dancing to a TikTok trend).

What about you? Are you immune from TikTok, or have you finally given in and signed up?
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    yes this is another worse phase coming in limelight now! People are wasting Internet on preparing useless videos, without caring this may lead to complete Internet closure after sometime. People have to behave sensibly as economy is going through a worse phase and we need to have Internet to carry on work from home works.
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    I'm aware of why tiki and other bite sized platforms will take off.
    Here is why?

    Because of the human body's psyche is ramping up/speeding up , (lol, faster than 5g) sooo...my point is,

    Our minds and mentality will actually dislike having to watch long segment videos, we just want to know the point of the story/video/article.

    Simple things will become complex and it will befutter people...its already occurring since snapchat and of course tiki.

    I've already started on how to survive 5g by creating short snippets of what people should do. Why? People! Time is Critical.

    Start creating short videos and market them and you'll see yourself in the same shoes as tiki snapchat etc

    Creating short videos also works with Youtube.
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    There is a load on streaming channels and all things that are related to video streaming have been experiencing massive load of traffic. At the moment, Netflix has been throttling and so is YouTube I guess.
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  • Lockdown has increased the interest of TikTok. People are in their homes. Most people watching TikTok and new people are joining it.
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    I have the app, but haven't created an account yet lol

    My wife however lives on TikTok. She has sent me several gems.
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