Is there any Social Network for only Affiliate Marketers?

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Is there any social network site for affiliate marketers like Facebook?
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    You have already found it, I wonder why you asked. it's called Warrior Forum. The Worlds largest Social Network of Affiliate Marketers.
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    Why are you searching for social networking for affiliate marketing? You should start affiliate marketing with a major affiliate marketing provider and start promoting it on each and every social networking website.
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    Why you need one .We have the forums ,if you search on youtube you have so many people with succesful channels that teach their methods ,strategies etc
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    Even if there were, they wouldn't allow anyone to post it here.
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    As far as I am concerned, different niches should use different social networks, for example, my company last year run a program kids clothes retail with facebook ads, and ultimately it failed.
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    You can make any social network work for you when you are doing affiliate marketing. All you need is a proven strategy on how to promote your affiliate products. It boils down to targeting the right audience within the social media you have chosen with a valuable product.
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    A social media platform for affiliate marketers. Oh well. I think that you are already in it. Warrior forum is happens to be what you are looking for. Maybe I am taking this all wrong. You might actually be asing if there is a social media platform where you can share your afilliate marketing links. Well you can use facebook to do just that. There has to be some group on facebook for affiliate marketers like us. Just search for one. Amino is also another interesting socialmedia platform. It has communitiees for people with various interests. You can search for a community that meets your needs there.
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