% of people who are likely to click on your funnel ad

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I know your "hook" has a lot to do with it but is there a safe/conservative percentage of what one could expect when advertising on FB. e.g. The % of people who are likely to click on your ad? What have some of you experienced?
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    It's not just your 'hook' that will determine CTR

    You also have to factor in
    - photo vs video
    - quality of photo or video
    - copywriting
    - how well you target your audience
    - your niche
    - A/B testing

    The sad reality? FB makes so much money because advertisers have to 'burn' a few bucks figuring out their targeting and ad parameters before they can scale up to a full on campaign

    Asking for % is futile because of the variables I listed above

    There's only one way to find out if your campaign will succeed: start testing!
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    Yes, man like writeaway said, there are so many factors to take into consideration that the only wise thing to do is: test a lot, even with a lower budget until one gets a higher % and then start putting more money to that one.

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    Yes, as others are saying, it depends on a lot of different things.

    Maybe join one of the FB Groups about FB ads, and ask there about percentages for your specific niche, price-range, ad strategy etc.

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  • It is safe to advertise with Facebook and you get a good amount of traffic, but both the content and the quality of your post should be good, so you can draw traffic.
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    From what I know it is that google usually captures your data. it knows what you search for. The apps you use im your phone, the money platforms that you use and even how often you sleep. From all this things is where google adsense comes to play. Goofle will dosplay ads to those people that they know will be interested. Your ad therefore has to be displayed to the right people. You cannot just display your ad to everyone/.A very small percentage will click on it. Marketing is complicated. You are gona have do drop in a lttle cash if you want those clicks. Also advertise interesting things.You should know what the people want.
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