Facebook launches rival to Twitch and YouTube

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Facebook is introducing a new standalone app for live streaming gaming content. Aptly called Facebook Gaming, this marks Facebook's take on Twitch, YouTube, and Microsoft Mixer in the highly-lucrative market for gaming videos.

Facebook Gaming features a mix of casual games, as well as access to various gaming communities. It's key feature, Go Live, will let people see streams of other mobile games, which is highly popular especially in Asia.
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    I totally forgot about Microsoft's mixer. The first and last time I heard about it was when Ninja left Twitch to exclusively stream on mixer.
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    The first time I saw it i thought it was some kind of joke. Only a few days later I got a notification from facebook abou the app and I went to playstore to check it out. It was not out yet so I had to pre register. In two days it was ready to be installed. I have to admit that the app is really cool Some compertition is now taking place int eh gaming world. I think it is a goo dthing that facebook decided to create this app because facebook was really crowded by gamers livestreaming their stuff. I was among the people that enjoyed watching the streams but now that we have our very own app for that purpose it has got even better. Facebook is definetly going to earn a lot of cash from this one. Gamers are everywhere.
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    Something like this was bound to happen. You guys know that the video game industry is among the other top industries like music and movies. I think it is not far off from them. There have been a lot of communities created for gamers over the years but they have never been that serious. Even x box has very few peoplethat actually chat in it with all of the so many gamers in the world. This one will get more users because facebook is promoting it and there are quite a lot of gamers that use facebook. Lets just say like almost everyone uses facebook. Why then would they not use a version of facebook that is dedicated to gaming.
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