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by imza86
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i used to post in various FB groups and i will see the traffic in my Google analytics on my phone.
Used to get a reasonable amount of traffic when i post in groups.

But now i keep looking on my phone and almost 0 traffic even though i posted in groups which has 5 figures members.

Also now you can only share post to a number of groups because getting the message "You have posted in maximum no of groups"

It seems FB is all out to make us pay for FB ads.

Anyone of you wanna share your experience with FB groups now?
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    I've tried FB group posting 2 times only and then gave up, because of the poor results. I only got a handful of clicks to my link. After hearing other marketers telling about their good results from posting in FB groups, I was very disappointed from the results I got.

    Not sure, if I will ever try it again. So far, it was just a waste of time. But maybe I haven't figured out yet, how to do it correctly.
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    Have you considered starting your own FB group?
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    Facebook changes their algorithms all the time. And it's always to their benefit, never yours. Everything is designed to push you to the paid advertising model.
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