What is the right way to choosing the username for social media profile?

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Dear all webmasters

I just want to know that what is the best username practice for SEO purpose having
.com at the end of the username or without having .com or .net whatever domain extension is.
for example



I am creating a social profile for my website, therefore, I am confused to choose a username

please suggest me a good way to choose the username related to the website which can help in SEO
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  • How much people are searching for your user name?

    Is your user name the keyword?

    What's the search count of the keywords, which you're aiming to rank for SEO purposes?
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    I've been in digital marketing for a while and have been a webmaster for several private clients in the past - not the case anymore since I have pivoted, but I can give you some recommendations from what I know.

    When it comes to usernames for social media, it is usually best to leave out the TLD.

    Few reasons for this:

    #1 Ask yourself what is important about your brand, is it the TLD or is it the name of the brand itself? Would your brand be the same if the TLD was .net or .org? If yes then leave it out.

    #2 Do you plan on keeping the username for a while - if so then you may in future expand to different platforms. Then your username will not represent only your website but also all the places where your brand exists.

    #3 Also, think about your audience, put yourself in their shoes - would they prefer to interact with a website or a person? If you put a TLD in your username - it leaves no doubt that they are talking to a business / website - which isn't usually great for engagement.

    #4 It also looks a little too promotional / salesy - you are trying to promote your website, which is fine, but the problem is it is far too obvious. And because your username is impossible to miss when your audience is interacting with you, they will be reminded of this every time they see it.

    Digital Solver
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  • The username reflects your brand identity, so choose the username from the brand name itself. This will also promote your brand.
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    You have to choose short name with you topic. .
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    You can use a site named 'Namechk' for checking up on the availability of countless usernames and domain names as well. It is very useful and quick. You can search a term you want to use for profile and it will tell you exactly where and how many chances of availability are there.
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    A good method to use is keep the username normal but in the 'name' section, have the name and what you do for example - PrimitiveSense | Shopify Plus
    So if people dont know your company directly to search you, they will likely search what they are looking for and you will come up more.

    I woul leave the.com out as it can look promotional and depending on what platform, they will expect to see stuff like that in bios/websites
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