Instagram will soon let users pin comments

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The eponymous social media platform is testing pinned comments on posts as part of their effort to fight cyberbullying. And yes, pinning comments lets users highlight positive comments and sentiments while drowning out negative ones.

But this isn't just about combating cyberbullying - it also has business value particularly with business accounts who could potentially pin comments and use them as testimonials. They can pin the best ones, especially those made by a verified Instagram user to add brand veracity, and that's it - people will see a particular brand in a more positive light than having to sift through both good and bad comments.
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  • It's indeed handy for companies but I still don't see the value for the every day consumer. highlighting positive posts is a good thing, sure. But it doesn't make the owner unsee what has been seen... regardless. I'm looking forward to that feature
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    Instagram is duying like Facebook? Let's see
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    it will be better for companies i think but for users in some way also , hmm interesting anyways lets see then.
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