Zero youtube traffic after 13 years of ongoing efforts

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I almost lost for words. I feel I have done everything and for the life of me cannot figure what is wrong with me, my content and my ongoing youtube efforts that result in essentially zero youtube views. I wonder if their algorithm has black listed me for some reason.

With this post I am wondering if there are any experts out there who can shine the light and tell me why I have been so incredibly unsuccessful.

I am passionate about commercial aviation. I have been video filming airliners since 1991 and started my youtube channel in 2007. I have several hundred uploaded videos, and I upload several times a month. My content is consistently focused to interest commercial aviation fans.

In 13 years I have built up a paltry 5600 subscribers, and I have never paid for fake followers. Yet .. No matter what video I upload I cannot get more than about 10-20 views for the first few days .. and most of my videos have maybe a few hundred views after a few months. So 5600 viewers yield 10 views. What the hell is wring with me?

Other channels in this space have much higher view ratios, and it is demoralizing and depressing to me that I cannot improve my status. I
A while back I redid many of my video images to make them look better, no luck there. I used Youtube buddy for a while, that did nothing. I added requests for likes and subscribing into my videos, no luck there. I share every one of my videos on my FB, LI, Twitter and Instagram, going back years ... consistently.

It seems I have done almost everything. No I have not added transcripts to all of my videos, but is that going to make a major fix, is that the one golden enhancement needed in this 13 year effort that was holding me back, I doubt it.

There is something much bigger. Maybe my content sucks, and I need to be told that is the problem. Maybe I am black listed by the algorithm because my youtube channel was started as a video preview promotional tool to generate interest for my aviation dvd business in 2007, which transitioned to being an aviation streaming service in 2016. Is it possible that youtube and google are keeping my presence throttled down because they view as competition to youtube itself, even though I am minuscule in size? To put this in perspective, I have only been able to build up my streaming site to 100 members in the past 4 years, despite ongoing paid advertising efforts on youtube video ads.

So I have now given a very detailed description of my problem. Here is a link to my channel ... I will see if I am allowed to post it ...
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If anyone can shed some light on why I am doing so terrible please let me know. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If someone can help me, you are doing me a huge favour, and I am sure good karma will come back to you. I had nobody else to ask ... so I am posting this in desperation... thank you and best regards to everyone.
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    I highly doubt that youtube has blacklisted you or trying to work against you .

    You mentioned that your view count is low 5600 subscribers 10 views in 13 years.I will have to analyze your channel to confirm.

    What you need to do is dive into your analytics and study audience retention rates to figure out why people are abandoning your video.

    A lot of youtubers focus on optimization and thumbnails but there are few that focus on the quality of the content .

    Camera angle,lighting ,word phrases ,charisma makes the world of difference recording youtube videos .

    You have over 5000 subscribers so people are interested in your content so now what you have to do is create content that will get attention of people not subscribed to your channel .

    Send me the link inbox so that I can assess your channel
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    Thank you very much Jamel, I will send my channel link to you. Everyone in my space posts videos of planes, or talking heads, or a combination of both. No different than me. We are targeting the avgeek crowd.

    I upload a mix of current day content and olden goldie footage filmed by me in the 1990s, which on other channels get massive views. But on my channel ... almost zero.
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    I know this almost sounds too obvious, but are you doing a good keyword research?
    I mean you should always keep in mind that youtube is a search engine.
    You need to target the right words what people are searching for so that they can find your video.
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