Why are my Youtube ads slowly spending less every day

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I am currently running Youtube ads and for months they have run smoothly, good CPA, spend, conversions etc. For weeks my daily budget has been £300 and each day Youtube would spend the whole budget.

However over the last week or two the spend has been slowly decreasing. First day only £270 spent, second £230 and so on to the point where we are currently only able to get the campaign to spend £50 per day. Whilst the daily spend has been dropping the CPA has remained unchanged, still very steady.

I am hoping to find out if anybody might have an idea as to what has caused this please.

With regard to solutions:
.I have cycled through different videos and seen no difference so its not the content that is the issue.
.The audiences I have targeted are very wide and generic with millions of people in (I would be extremely surprised if audience has exhausted)
.We have added extra audiences in case our existing ones have exhausted.
.I have increased target CPA and this has not had an affect.

Any help, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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