There's a new short-form video app to compete against TikTok

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It's called Zynn, and just like TikTok, it's also Chinese-owned, and it's even topping the US App Store charts this week.

Zynn looks exactly like TikTok, with identical visual styles and UIs, and similar effects and video edit tools. It's pretty much like TikTok, but its unique feature is earning in-app monetary rewards by inviting friends to signup, and by watching videos on Zynn. The funds can be used for in-app purchases such as gift cards from Amazon, or can be transferred to PayPal.

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    Thanks for sharing about Zynn app. I will defiantly check it out.
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    "It pays users for watching videos and referring other users". Interesting payout structure, but I guess that makes it more worthy of checking out.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    If only our ideas and budgets were in alignment.

    Great idea to have choices and try to improve. In app earning....Brilliant.

    Is that first image a man? Got to turn down my observation level.
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    I don`t think it would become really as popular as TikTok. Just like Facebook`s clone of TikTok, it is just an exploitation of a trend, that would quickly wear off.
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    Zynn sucks, just downloaed and deleted !
    many function missed, this is an APP made in a rush!

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    Wow, I've never heard about this app. Looks really interesting. Will take a look about it.

    Well, that's just the way things work online. Everything is a remix. Someone takes the idea of another person or business and makes it better.

    It's just the way the world is. I'll definitely be checking this out. Maybe us marketers could get on there early and see if we can make a profit.
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    This will be interesting due to TikTok being banned in certain countries now. I have not heard about Zynn before when was it released?
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