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Hi guys,

I have an small online business that sells 2 digital products and I'm trying to expand my reach and promote my products using social media. I've read a few articles about social media marketing that generally advise to build your audience by posting quality content etc on a regular basis. Although I do believe this is the right approach for blogs, I don't know how to apply that to my situation:
I have only two products that are updated on a regular basis but not frequently enough to be used as content on social media. And I dont have a blog so I don't write articles on a frequent basis (and I don't plan to, that is not my area of expertise). So how do you best use social media to promote products when you are not a content creator per say? What approach would you recommend?

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    Twitter is what I mostly use. I am not proficient when it comes to writing quality content, but then again, what quality can anyone expect from 280 characters per tweet? It's easy to gain followers on Twitter. I just created (two weeks ago) an account with them and I already have 350 followers. Just follow genuine accounts and like / retweet some of their content. Don't just tweet about your service or products alone (you will have a link to your site in the profile section, so whoever is interested can always visit it), tweet about your everyday stuff. Try to engage others. Say something smart or quote some famous person. It's limitless what you can do. The main point is try to engage others, that's when the real growth happens. And the good part is you can spend just 20-30 minutes a day and still get some nice exposure for your site / products.
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    You could use facebook. Have a link to your website on your profile. More powerful are groups. Join and interact in relevant group. Some people will click through to your website and some will buy. The more you interact and be helpful in these goups. The more attention you will attract
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    Thanks for both answers. Indeed, it seems like Twitter could work in that way. Facebook might work as well, but I feel like it could end up very time consuming for maybe a more limited ROI.. I'll check!

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      Originally Posted by neoseo1300 View Post

      Thanks for both answers. Indeed, it seems like Twitter could work in that way. Facebook might work as well, but I feel like it could end up very time consuming for maybe a more limited ROI.. I'll check!

      Time consuming yes... but spend 4 hours a day say from 8 to midnight every day doing when you would not normally be "working" anyways.. and it is just short of expense-less.

      Keep in mind with Social media its not so much about ROI as it is BRAND that translates to ROI.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Make videos bro! Also, share valuable insight within groups, forums and on your profile.

    Like Jim Rohn said: "Your income is directly reflected by the value you provide to the market place"

    Us as entrepreneurs and digital marketers are problem solvers.

    So find out every single possible problem your target market is facing and be the guy on social media that solves it!

    Hope that helps.

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    In my personal opinion, I think social media has been over-glamorized and truth be told, I do not think it is as effective unless you have a mass following, other than that, social media is quite a bit of work promoting the social media industry compared to promoting your own site, in other words, you end up promoting social media, then you end up getting very little from it you are not popular with a mass following of people that hang on every post as if you were a popular rock star.
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    You can't share your link on Facebook. And you need tools for content writing.
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    You can for sure promote your products on FB and IG. But you need a strategy and it takes time. But it will worth the efforts!

    Hope that helps
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    Use an influencer marketing platform to find social media influencers you can pay to pitch your offer.
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    If you want to build a sustainable business, you need to build a COMMUNITY

    Social media enables you to do exactly that

    Want To Make More Money Online? Invest in BETTER CONTENT!
    Articles - Blogs - Authority sites - Ecommerce descriptions - Emails - Youtube video scripts - AFFORDABLE RATES!
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    List it on Ebay and see how well it sells on there.
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      Thanks Klixion. I don't think you can put digital products for sale on ebay (or at least, not without paying a $10 ad fee each time).
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    List your digital products on
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    Promoting products on social media won't do any harm but it may benefit you in some ways. Even though you have tow digital products, but there might be people who are looking for those products. So, I think you should use Facebook and Twitter for your product promotion. You ll find most of the audience on these platforms.
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  • As you are selling digital tools so try to get involved in more ways as you can in this sector.
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