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Hi all,

I have decided to make a post surrounding social media automation tools. We have used and previously, but encountered some issues. We want to know if anyone else has had any troubles and which tools you recommend. Our experience with, originally, was positive but we felt it lacked a few things. We found it a bit difficult to manage and there was no option to post tweets without including media to it; most tweets are just text for us.

We then hopped onto OneUp. This tool was great, it kept everything in one place and was really easy to function. We then received some emails regarding Facebook & Instagram not being integrated with them anymore (due to something going wrong and no more API access). We have had to unsubscribe as it does not offer as much now; it's a real shame. Big social platforms have so much power to basically end any automation tool if something has went wrong, but now we are stuck on the hunt for a new tool.

What are peoples thoughts and experiences? Any recommendations would also be good! It's a shame too because OneUp will likely lose customers and big social companies, who rely on these tools, will also have to find a new one. We are really looking for a tool that works with all the big platforms, doesn't require media for tweets and overall works well (paid and secure). I know most tools do not work for scheduling carousel posts or some stories but that is okay, we do this manually.

Thanks for any comments!
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    Dont do any automation google will consider as spam.
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      Is this the case even if its social media automation? Thanks for your response. We discovered that Facebook and Twitter have their own automation features so how could this then be considered spam through Google or even the platforms? I can understand for other tools like we used to use but what about the above?
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    Hootsuite and SEMrush are perfect tools for Social media automation. They are very easy to use and get the job done quickly.
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