How can I use social media marketing to reach the unemployed?

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I'm marketing a 300-page trade paperback that details how to start your own business on a shoestring and survive in these hard times. I'd like to use social media, influencers or those with large Twitter or Instagram followings. But, here's the problem: You can find avenues to reach stamp collectors, beekeepers, backpackers, political activists, etc., but how do you find a list or database that is aimed at the unemployed? Anyone have an answer?
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    There are some ways you can use to gather the data, you can go to recruitment sites and collect the data on some people whose hobbies or interests match with what you are offering. This sounds like a very vague idea but is very useful.
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    OP, you can start by scraping the countless job listing groups on Facebook

    TIP: I don't think your ideal audience are JOBLESS / UNEMPLOYED people

    Look for opportunity seekers

    The big challenge is to find these people without posting to opportunity groups on FB that have been spammed to death

    There is a cheap workaround: do a mindset map of these people - you'll see overlaps with less saturated groups

    Hit those!

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    create a Facebook group named "Jobs News" and you're all set.
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    A good question !! As all of you know that social media is the powerful tool in today's world for promotion of business products or services or any other things that you think to get it reach through audience.
    For unemployed people, Facebook has many groups like fresherjobs, governmentjobs. Even, the companies post their job vacancy on social media platforms.
    Based on your suitability , apply for the job.
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    It's about building a community and engaging with them. My question to OP would be are you planning on using Paid posts or only organic social media posting?

    I really hope you are having a super day

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