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Major brands are boycotting the controversial social platform because of their refusal address hate speech. Some of these brands are Viber, Starbucks, Unilever, Ford, Clorox, and Adidas. As a result, Facebook stock prices are down.

But is the boycott enough? I mean, even if practically all brands stop paying for their ads on Facebook, will anything happen? Will Zuckerberg finally make a stand?

Chime in.
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    Facebook has got really big, in fact so big that a few companies boycotting them won't really hurt that much, but a mass boycott will force them to make a stand!

    Remember this is a US$76.4 billion net worth company we are talking about (as of May 2020)
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    Facebook has thus far lost 7 billion in advertising revenue which is a drop in the bucket for them. A large company like Facebook - as well as companies like Amazon and Google - are often resented for their monopolistic power, though no antitrust investigations have made a case thus far.

    In other words, they are lacking in good will to begin with and it doesn't help their argument. And, whatever your views on this, it is an interesting argument. What are the limits of free speech and who decides?
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      antitrust investigations for what reasons? For being better than most other advertising platforms? For making billions of dollars you think there should be an antitrust investigation?

      In order to kill the snake, then cut off the head, if you think hate speech should be censored, then contact your politicians and have them outlaw hate speech, otherwise known as free speech, last I heard, hate speech is still legal...

      to be honest, tampering with free speech will not yield good results, and before you know it, telling someone that you hate them could get you jail time...

      Is that the outcome you are looking for?

      This country was founded on free speech, which also includes hate speech to a certain degree, and if hate speech turns into threats, then that is a legal issue.

      maybe we should be like 3rd world countries, and block social media or simply shut it down when it is most convenient to do so, any time hate speech goes out, then social media is shut down...
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    Who cares? Facebook stock price is near its all-time high. This so-called "boycotting" is mostly for publicity and is only temporary.
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    It is for publicity - for politics and for political correctness. It is an attempt by some to force FB to censor others....welcome to 2020.
    Due to the current pandemic I will no longer be shaking hands or giving hugs. You may wave, bow to me or give me the finger...your choice.
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    Well, to his credit Zuckerberg has shown no signs at all of capitulating from established policies in response to this bullying. Other advertisers will fill in the gap from this nonsense and capitalize on it. Facebook stockprice has soared nearly 3% today.
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      Exactly, if those particular companies want to affect their bottom line by bailing on Facebook, then their competitors will fill the gap, its not personal, its business...

      a business should choose their battles wisely, and this is not one of those battles, and that is because if you start messing with hate speech, then you will start messing with free speech as a whole, and the outcome could be worse then what it is now...
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    Facebook is worth so much money, partly because they have a team of legal eagles who support everything they do/say/write. They probably have their own well-stocked bunkers in case the world ever goes nuclear.

    Sure, there are plenty of people who hate Facebook for various reasons, BUT if that describes you, simply don't log on, or cancel your account/profile.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    Zuck just don't give af.

    #1 Reddit marketing service -

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    Mark should carefully look into the matter and do the necessary things. He's not wiser than those advertisers, perhaps these are the companies that made him rich.
    They're boycotting Facebook for a reason and he's expected to act according to their wish.
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      Originally Posted by DavidTheBlogger View Post

      He's not wiser than those advertisers
      Investors think otherwise. Stock prices continue to set record highs. The "boycott" is actually more of a test for the largest advertisers on how to reach billions of consumers without relying on the second-largest media platform in the world. So far, there's about 600 advertisers temporarily leaving, with just 8 million more to go.
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    For Facebook, which earns in advertising, an ad boycott could be a major blow.
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    If he does, it's going to be a blessing because on Facebook I've seen so many changes. Some of those I know don't use Facebook anymore and go on other social media networks because of the many changes and problems that have arisen on Facebook.
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    I agree with Harvard on that. I think that a boycott will push Zuckerburg to do what it takes. To the average guy, the loss may not be much, but I'm sure it's taken out of his pocket, and I'm sure he's not happy about it as well.
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  • People are bored from facebook and want to get their real life back. Has to be the near for the end of fb. About 2030 I think.
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      Interesting point. I've been hearing lots of complaints and negative feedback on FB from my friends lately. Yet no one quits using it as it's quite a powerful tool for businesses and enhancing publicity (which is also a plus for entrepreneurship).
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