Facebook Engine Optimisation - how to make sure your fanpage/group is at the top

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We are trying to grow our facebook pages and groups.

When people type in keywords in search box on fb - FB shows people/groups/fanpages connected with the query - so it works very similarly to Google.

Does anyone know (or have been doing some tests) how you can improve your FB seo? Meaning, if someone types keyword relevant to your fanpage/group (you have it in your name, description, etc) - your page/group is high in search results?

I can see lots of information about SEO, but not that much about FEO...

Thanks in advance,
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    I read somewhere that #of followers is the most important factor. Not sure if that's true. Seems right based on my experience.
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    • yes, that makes sense. I wonder if 'artifical' buying likes or engagement (lots of comments, etc) can boost page in FEO, do you know if anyone tried it?
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    Just like SEO, FEO is also concerned with the position of a certain page and the engagement it receives. Number of followers, brands mentions and post engagements also matter to a huge extent.
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  • Facebook has recently pushed a new algorithmic update. According to the new update, the social media giant will push those stories on the top that contain original research.
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    name must the same keyword
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    You have to advertise for new members in facebook ask members of your group to ask other people, as well as friends on your facebook friends account. Advertise offline to let people know about your group
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    Much thanks for imparting your genuine and warm contemplations to everybody!
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