Managing negative comments on social media

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Every communication channel will always be teeming with trolls and bunches of nonsense. Especially social media pages. Yeah sure, there are valid criticisms and feedbacks, other comments will just be nonsense trolls and ad hominem attacks. Here's an infographic from Digital Giants on dealing with them.

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    Though negative comments help you a lot by letting you know about those areas of improvement that you couldn't see. Look at those comments as feedbacks and you can always better your products or services you offer. However, the easiest way to avoid negative comments or at least to minimize them, you should- " Never be figurative but be summative in your documentations"
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    I think the biggest thing is be transparent and authentic and use it as a way to improve your business

    I really hope you are having a super day

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    yes...the easiest way to avoid negative comments or at least to minimize them
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    The best thing you can do is respond saying im sorry you had this experience.If they are trolling and arent customers try getting previous customers to post drowning out the negative ones
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    I still remember the first time I received a negative on my blog, I was so surprised and spent my entire day feeling low because I thought that I didn't deserve such a derogatory remark. Later I realized the comment is not related to me but to the person writing it as their words portray their inner feelings and frustrating. This realization made me pity the person commenting and it made tolerating it much easier.
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    responding to neagtive comments with positive attitude will help
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