Snapchat launches new meditation tool

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Snapchat is going live with Headspace, its new meditation and mindfulness tool. But just to be clear, Headspace is part of Snapchat Minis, micro-versions of full-fledged apps built within the Snapchat sandbox. Here's a video on what Snapchat Minis are all about.

According to Mashable, Headspace lets users engage in guided meditations with friends right from the chat screen. Once a user enters a session with a friend, they can see that they're participating in the session with their Bitmoji show on the bottom left of the screen.

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    This is smart and, though the tech's not set up to do this right now, it seems poised to evolve in a way that helps many App companies cheaply acquire new customers via some flow that looks like: (1) see a Mini in friend's story; swipe into it (2) engage with it (Headspace one has obvious value for those looking for a quick meditation); (3) user, if satisfied with experience, a solid bet to share / download the flagship app the Mini introduced them to...
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    Is this feature similar to a one sided video call ? That is what it does? If not then how is it different?
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    wow its a cool feature, i am sure it will attract many youths to snapchat
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    This seems like a great feature, but I think that snapchat and other social media can be dangerous for kids. I think it is a great time to use tracking software for parents so nothing bad will happen.
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