That one tweet can ruin your life

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Twitter is arguably more powerful than Facebook. You have over 1 million followers, your account is verified, and you send a careless tweet saying that the Starbucks in your locality sucks. Boom. It gets retweeted faster, and might even get media coverage.

And while Twitter indeed gives everyone voice to dole out their stand on inequality, etc, it can also, well, be someone else's downfall. Watch this TED Talk by Jon Ronson as he explains how too often we end up behaving like a baying mob.

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    He couldn't have explained it any better. Influencers on social media have a big responsibility that they are not even aware of. One tweet can ruin somebody's business or their lives as more often than not the victims of a careless tweet are subjected to unfair bullying. Social media is becoming more of a mob gang than a place to socialize.
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    100% Kanye West & Elon Musk come to mind!
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