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Yeah yeah, people are joining the hype train. Its videos are shared everywhere - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Celebrities are even using it. And they are oblivious of its data privacy red flags, just because.

And it's not like TikTok is the only viral social platform that's available. There's Dubsmash, Byte (Vine reincarnated), and even Snapchat and Instagram to a certain extent. And these platforms don't have the privacy red flags that TikTok has.
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    Tik Tok is Useful Dating website for Asians. Likee can be alternatives for it.
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    Dubsmash, Mitron
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    Didn't the president Say he would sign an executive order to shut down Tiktok in the United states? Has is been done yet ? Me personally I don have an issue using the app but that is my outlook and I respect other peoples .
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      Executive powers can only be enacted within the government, just because the president does not agree with something does not mean he can just outright place a ban; Can he remove tik-tok from all government computers, probably so, can the president interfere with tik-tok, well, he is doing that now...

      presidential powers are not absolute. I know he thinks he can do whatever he wants, however, that is not a true statement, he simply cant.

      I guess those sites that should be banned have nothing to worry about, ROFL ie pirate sites, movie sites, illegal downloads, or any number of sites that actually deserve to be banned....
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    This is BS. China Version Tiktok "DouYin" and Tiktok are separated companies.
    This means the hosting server of Tiktok is located in the US, all the data can be acquired by US not China Headquater.
    It reminds me that back years ago China forced put their hosting server in the mainland but Google refused.
    When we are talking about web security, US government is talking market freedom.
    When we are talking about market freedom, US government is talking web security.
    Quite ironic
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    Maybe Snapchat
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    I heard Instagram is going to have Reels as a replacement TikTok.
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    To watch TikTok you can use a Web VPN. I'm afraid my country will soon ban TikTok too(( The most annoying thing is that I just started getting views and likes. And as luck would have it, the government wants to block tiktok . If the government in your country is not going to block it then you can use this site to get new followers and likes . Everything is completely free, so don't be afraid to lose money. I have 300 new followers who like me and comment my videos! And this all helps my account to be in the top.I really hope that all this bullshit with blocking will end and I can continue to promote my account.
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    i watch tiktok video but i cant record any video tiktok platfrom, this uselees app and best of time,
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    Relevant to this: According to TheInformation, Facebook and Snapchat have both been exploring buying Dubsmash, which, per the NY Times article on it, "catches things at the roots when they're culturally relevant. TikTok is the suburban kids that take things on when it's already the style."
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    It is a pity that this platform is being closed, there are no alternatives, it was through TikTok that I found my wife, then I found her on the dating site , that was two years ago, now we live together
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    this app is just a waste of time or nothing.
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    There are many players that came into the market after the ban announced to TikTok in India. Tiktok was very famous in India but it got banned due to data leakage issues to third parties. The applications alternative to TikTok is Smack Video, Josh Instagram Reels, and many more.
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    TikTok is just a app of fun.
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    But lets be honest TikTok is so entertaining..
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    Pretty crazy TikTok stat - (albeit from a Survey - better to have behavioral data).
    TikTok Time spent / user now seems to have surpassed that of Instagram.

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    It will either follow Vine's faith or it will be hereto stay until something better comes along. although tobe honest i dont know how can you make the platform better its just simple and works for people.
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    What are the privacy red flags on TikTok? Dubsmash is an alternative but it was popular a while back, it is not much used now. But it can still be a good option.
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    maybe instagram
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    Some of the best alternatives of Tiktok are:
    1. Instagram Reels
    2. Snapchat
    3. Dubsmash
    4. Likee
    5. Triller
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  • I Think Likee is a good alternative option of TikTok. It has millions of users from around the world.
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