Facebook now prompts me to switch to the "new" design

by WF- Enzo Administrator
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Facebook is now prompting everyone to switch to the "new look". The classic Facebook will be retired in September.

This "new design" will have both dark and light modes, the photos in the news feed are bigger, and new sidebar shortcuts such as Events and a voting information tab.

What about you? Are you still using the old Facebook interface? What are your thoughts on this new design?
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  • I prefer the old interface but I've been "forced" to use the new one because they started killing of features I have been using in the old one.

    I know a lot of people hate the new design. I didn't want to hate it but it's soooo slow and laggy. I know it's a bit of a learning curve. I don't mind taking the time to use it. But the page seems to take longer now to refresh and update.
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    Sadly, I personally don't like a new design for Facebook. I feel comfortable with the classic version. However, It will be gone means it will be gone. Facebook has changed many aspects in the last few years. But, it's one of the biggest changes, I think.
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      Yes! I also don't like new version. I always use old version still now.
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    Hey WF- Enzo hope your good.
    Personally I have changed to the new interface. Ironically, with the new darker interface I find it actually helps as the white background strained my eyes, especially when working late at night. Regards
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    I just learn a new from here.
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    you have to update your all platform as soon as possible to you will get to know about all latest feeds
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    Yes, I also don't like the new version of FB
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    most of us don't like it but we have to use it now unfortunately..
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