Instagram is warning that Apple's new iOS 14 update will impact ad targeting in a major way

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Social Media Today reports that digital ad networks are getting very twitchy about the coming changes in iOS 14. The update will require users to opt into data tracking for every app used via their Apple device. That's raised fears the change will have a significant impact on the industry.

Hot on the heels of Facebook's recent warning about iOS 14, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has spoken to CNBC over his concerns that the update will negatively affect Instagram advertisers. Facebook's main worry is focused on IDFA, which lets app publishers track users - and that extends to actions within the application. While iOS users can opt out of IDFA tracking, it's a cumbersome chore. The update to iOS 14 is going to flip that on its head and make users opt into data tracking - which is ruffling a few feathers, to say the least.

The fears center around the prospect of many users opting out of data tracking, which would severely hamper ad targeting. Apple has already responded to concern by delaying changes to IDFA until 2021 - but that's temporary, and the current rumblings seem to indicate that developers don't feel they have enough time to find solutions. According to Mosseri:

"If the ecosystem changes in a way that advertisers can't really measure their return on
investment, that's really going to be, yes, somewhat problematic for our business, [but] it's going to be much, much more problematic for all the small businesses."

Bad for small business, bad for relevant advertising too

Why do small business owners out there need to worry? Well, a huge number of them use targeting and tracking to market what they're selling - often using very specific demographics. That's going to have a massive impact on sellers that rely on data to shift products and create awareness for services. There's an argument that despite the privacy benefits, iOS users will still see ads on social media platforms; they just won't be very
relevant. Mosseri:

"We believe that there's a way to be really responsible and give people control over their data and transparency into their data but without cutting off our understanding and therefore operating blind."
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