Facebook Tackles Misinformation and Hate Speech with New Rules for Groups

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that Facebook is making renewed efforts to improve engagement platform by concentrating on tightening up rules for groups and curbing hate speech and misinformation.

Facebook groups attract more than 400 million members and see 1.4 billion engagements every month on the platform. The pandemic has seen negative press regarding Facebook groups and misinformation about the virus in general. That's perhaps prompted the new focus on moderation of groups by the social media giant. While there's intent on stamping out wild claims and unverified advice on the platform, however, it's worth remembering that the task isn't all that straightforward. Even though misinformation can offend and annoy users, removing it completely from view means users can't gauge the climate because they won't know what's getting discussed within private groups - and that's probably the main challenge for Facebook.

New group moves cover a few main aspects of posting on the platform:

Remove militia and anarchist groups from recommendations, restrict them within search, and reduce applicable feed content.

Stop recommendations of health-related group material for users.

Cut back on exposure for groups that consistently share false information that gets pulled up by Facebook fact-checkers. If violations continue, the groups concerned will get removed altogether.

Groups that get removed will see former admins prohibited from starting a new group for a set period.

Facebook says: "Our Community Standards apply to public and private groups, and our proactive detection tools work across both. That means even if someone doesn't report an issue to us, our AI can detect potentially violating content and we can remove it."

Groups with No Active Admin Will Get Archived

Facebook is going further in an effort to clean up groups, and that extends to having active admins within them. The social media platform will start archiving groups if no admin is present, but it will prompt existing users to step in and take over first:

"Moving forward, when a single remaining admin chooses to step down, they can invite members to become admins. If no invited members accept, we will suggest admin roles to members who may be interested. If no one accepts, we'll archive the group."
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  • I think the most impactful solution they presented here is the one where groups with no active admins would be archived. I don't believe in censoring groups because of freedom of speech. I would rather know that they exist and where these people are rather than be blind and misinformed about the existence of hate groups. But it is reasonable to expect that these groups should have moderators who would take responsibility of what their members are doing within the group.
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    Facebook is always late to these kinds of measures. But I hope now it will take the measures to clear those groups that only provide of platform to spread misinformation and hate.
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    Yeah - Zuckerberg's fundamental assumption that "communities" are inherently good seems to have been the basis for Groups. Nice in theory, but ignores the many "not good" people who exist in the real world and can take advantage / go deeper. This excerpt of a FB engineer's interview with Ben Thompson seems especially worrisome:
    "They try to give you a mix of things you're part of and not part of, but the aspect of the algorithm that recommends groups that are similar to the one that you're part of are really dangerous," the engineer said. "That's where the bubble generation begins. A user enters one group, and Facebook essentially pigeonholes them into a lifestyle that they can never really get out of."

    I take FB at their word when they report how hard they're working to try to police some of the uglier sides of human nature, which global connectivity and products like Groups have empowered to an extent (I'm not thinking about politics here - but rather child abuse material, and things of that nature) ... and some of the measures above seem to have a good chance of curbing some of the worst offenders ... but at FB's size, it's sort of impossible to put all of the bad toothpaste back in the tube...
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    Originally Posted by WarriorForum.com View Post

    Groups with No Active Admin Will Get Archived

    That actually makes sense, good job facebook
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