Here's How to do Screen Sharing on Facebook Messenger

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Search Engine Journal with a guide to doing screen sharing on Messenger, which is newly available for both iOS and Android.

You probably already koew that Facebook is expanding Messenger's screen sharing options on both iOS and Android, but did you know how to do that? Here's how.

Screen Sharing on the Facebook Messenger Mobile App

Just start a video call within the Messenger app. You can do that by choosing some contacts and then tapping on the camera icon:

Then, just swipe up on the toolbar at the bottom while your call is ongoing. That will bring up an expanded menu:

Once you've done that, select 'Share Your Screen' from the newly expanded menu and you'll start sharing:

You can share a live view for all other users on the call to see, which will show everything you're doing on your screen during the conversation:

"Screen sharing lets you share a live view of your screen so you can share virtually anything together. Whether you want to share memories from your camera roll, shop together online, co-browse social media, and more..."

Screen sharing on the Facebook Messenger desktop app

Facebook users can also access screen sharing via the Messenger app for desktop. Once again, just start a video call to begin. Then select the screen sharing option in the bottom left hand side of your screen:

After that, just choose whether or not to share your entire screen, or opt to display a single application window.

When that's done, you can see a preview of what you're sharing with others before you begin:

It's that simple. What do you guys think? Is Facebook messenger now comparable to platforms like Zoom? Messenger is free, which is a bonus. You have to pay for premium features on Zoom and Microsoft Meet. There's no call limits with Messenger, like on free versions of its rivals - and nearly everyone is already on Messenger too!
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    I didn`t know that, thanks for the tip)
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  • It's interesting. But I wonder how well it will work on their web app or on their Windows app.

    Most of the screensharing that I need to do for meetings are tasks that I do on my computer, not on my phone. And I wonder how responsive it's going to be.
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      my thoughts exactly (but hopeful / not discounting FB until trial). This is why Teams (for me at least) is so perfect ... already integrated with all the right enterprise software
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    First You Need Video Call
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    Thank You for the valuable information, let me try this.
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    I never knew it before. Now I know. Thanks
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    Thanks for your special tips.
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    Hey, thank you for this information. This information is really helpful.
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    Dear brother, At first you should start a call.From the expanded menu, tap 'Share Your Screen' and begin screen sharing.Thats end.
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    thanks for this kind of information
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    I think this is very very informative post.
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    Yes I knew it. for that you must have to in video call. when you are in video call then you will get an option to share your mobile or computer screen.
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