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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that Reddit has added three tier levels for advertisers who want to specify reach type versus content type within ads. That allows greater control over exactly where ads appear on the platform and also provides more control over targeting too. You can access the three new options within ad accounts.

Reddit's decision has happened in a year when al the major platforms have been struggling with misinformation about COVID-19 and are grappling with the problem of public figures passing on dud facts about the disease. Jen Wong, Reddit's Chief Operating Officer, had this to say:

"Brand Safety has become a broader and more ubiquitous issue in recent months, and with good reason. With the sheer volume of content that appears across UGC platforms, it's understandable that some advertisers desire enhanced control, while others are more comfortable with this environment."
Reddit upgrades go like this. The platform has had more than thirty partners test a new inventory type option, which is aimed at lowering risk when targeting users on the diversely populated platform. Amanda Grant, Group Managing Partner, says:

"We are encouraged to see Reddit's ongoing efforts to provide safer and more informed choices to advertisers with Inventory Types. Clients and advertisers alike find value in having more control over how - and where - they effectively reach their audiences, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with Reddit to meet these evolving needs."
Expanded, standard, limited options for inventory

The three groups for inventory are Expanded, Standard, and Limited. As you'd expect, Expanded offers the broadest scope for advertisers. Reddit recommends Standard, which has less reach but more protection. Limited has the least reach and very good protection standards and the platform partnered with Oracle on this part of the upgrade. Chris Stark, Oracle Data Cloud Senior Director of Product Management, said this:

"This real-time control over advertising around user-generated content is a first-in-market offering and we are thrilled to be working with Reddit to bring brands greater peace of mind and ultimately, campaign success."

You can still choose to place ads in Reddit communities or opt for manually chosen lists instead. You're also free to disallow comments for ads.
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