Instagram turns 10 today

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The eponymous photo and video sharing platform celebrates its tenth birthday today, and to mark the occasion, it's released new celebratory features and updates today.

Image source: Wired

This coincides with an article on Wired, which features Instagram as a then-unknown Lomo filter for photos. Back then, it had the feel of a Polaroid camera.

"The app combines a lot of pretty, Lomo-like filters to jazz up your crappy smartphone shots, but the secret sauce is the social aspect, which lets you share the results with Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Foursquare and yes, Tumblr. But that's not all. You also share your pictures with the Instagram network itself."
Fast forward to today, and Instagram is now owned by Facebook, and has evolved from a simple Lomo photo editing app to a social platform on its own, used by millions of users, and can act as an eCommerce store on its own.

And part of its 10th birthday celebration is the ability to change the app icon, with 13 available:

To change the icon:
  • Update your Instagram to the latest app version.
  • Head over to your profile, and tap the Settings icon.
  • Drag the screen down to unravel (and change) the app icons.

How long have you been using Instagram? Chime in.
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