Using LinkedIn Stories to promote your business

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Ahh really? Another Stories thingaboo? And yes this time, it's LinkedIn. Conventional thinking assumes that stories on LinkedIn don't make sense because of the latter's nature as a professional social network. But given how Instagram and Facebook popularised Stories, it should as well work in LinkedIn.

Here's an infographic from Social Insider showing just how to do so.

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    Hmm - mark me as sharing your skepticism. I wish LinkedIn would spend its development resources improving its recommendations and delineating between very basic employment categories like Self-employed, consultant, unemployed. More ROI there imo than chasing the shiny Stories object...
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    • To this end, enjoyed this timeline summary of different companies copying Snapchat's Stories and how well it relates to each company's pace of product shipment:

      Oct 2013: Snapchat launches Stories
      Aug 2016: Instagram copies it
      Feb 2017: WhatsApp copies it
      Mar 2017: Messenger copies it
      Nov 2018: YouTube copies it
      Sep 2020: LinkedIn copies it
      Nov 2020: Twitter copies it

      Wild how closely this matches each company's reputation for shipping.
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    Conventional thinking told us that the internet was a fad and that men couldn't go to the moon. The internet has taken over the world and man have been to the moon . The only way to find out is by testing.I would make use of the new feature.
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    it this site legit? any experience with them
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    Stories have worked well for Facebook and Instagram. I think people would like it on LinkedIn as well. Let's see what feedback it receives.
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    Using LinkedIn stories to promote business seems to me a fantastic idea. It's a platform for highly professional people. This ideal will work better!
    Best wishes.

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